Kazumasa Japanese Cuisine

Konichiwa Penangites! Warmest greetings from the Kazumasa Japanese Restaurant in Penang, where our one and only mission is to bring you on a gastronomical journey to Japan. While a visit to the land of the rising sun is a must, especially for the iconic cherry blossoms, please allow us to humbly bring a piece of Nippon to you for now, in Penang itself while you gather your squad. We also figure it is time for Penang to step up its game in its Japanese food dining experience, so Kazumasa Japanese Restaurant is proud to present “Omakase” for the first time in Penang. No more envious scroll on social media when your KL city folks share about their Omakase dining, because now you get to experience it in Penang!

Omakase – Expect The Unexpected

Omakase may not be a stranger to faithful Japanese food lovers, but for those who are hearing this for the first time, Omakase literally means “leaving it up to the chef”. Like how you could already tell, with Omakase, your chef chooses the menu for you. Omakase is very unique dining experience, and we thought it is only appropriate that we brief you through a little more before you get your tickets on this interesting ride.

It does not work everywhere – Omakase uses fresh in season catches and harvests, thus it will never work in big restaurants where ingredients are limited. It is only fair for the chefs to have a wide selection of ingredients to let their creativity run wild. Our catches are freshly selected, packed and directly shipped from Japan, such as Oturo, Choturo and Uni. Hence, you can be rest assured that you are only served top quality seafood.

An intimate dining experience – In fact, most Omakase restaurants are small with bars facing the open kitchen so you could see the chefs work their magic while you dine, which explains why Kazumasa may seem a little smaller than other Japanese restaurants in Penang. A little getaway from the bustling Penang town too.

Build connections – With Omakase, you would be spoiled with the undivided attention from the chef. Strike a conversation with our chef, he would be more than willing to share some life and travel experience with you. In case your concerned is the language barrier, our experience chef speaks English and Japanese. Make the experience memorable, not just for you, but for the chef.

Be prepared for the unknown – While generally Omakase means leaving it to the chef to decide on your menu, your comfort is our highest priority, thus do  let our chefs know if you have any allergy to a certain food, or if there are certain ingredients which you do not enjoy as much. It would definitely help our chef to better customize a unique Omakase experience just for you.

Mystery bill – For most Omakase restaurants, you would be given a non-itemized bill with just the total amount you have to pay. Thus, it may not be for you if you are a little more budget conscious. But at Kazumasa, we spare you the anxiety by giving you a fix price with same element of surprise in terms of your menu.

Something for Everyone

If Omakase is not your thing or your meal buddy is having a different preference, we serve ala carte menus as well, something for everyone. If you are up for a value meal, opt for our lunch sets. You can find out working hours as below, but we do sell alcohol all day along if you ever need a drink or a place to just chill with your friends and families, other than by the Penang beaches. As our seats are really limited and dinner kitchen closes at 10.30pm, be sure to book your reservation early to avoid disappointment.

Life is too short to make safe predicted choices all the time. If you need somewhere to start bracing the unknown, Omakase is the way to go.